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Part Three

Quanah liked to go outside in the nice weather. He did not like the cold, wet, or wind, but he loved the sunshine and warm. Mr. W would put a harness and lead on Quanah and take him for a walk around the neighbourhood.

Quanah would walk very proudly down the street, with his tail held high in the air. He liked to eat grass, and he would stop and munch on some grass and then walk some more.

Where Quanah lived, it got very cold and snowy in the winter. When the weather started to change from warm to cold, Quanah got very upset because he could not go for his walk and eat his grass. Strange white stuff came from the sky, and made everything cold and wet.

Everything in Quanah's world came from Mr. and Mrs. W, so of course he thought that they made the weather hot or cold. And he could not understand why they would make the nice warm sunny days change into cold and wet.

He would get all dressed up in his harness and lead, go outside, and his feet would get cold and wet. And someone took away his grass. Quanah was not a happy little man.

He would spend hours going from window to window, all through the house, looking for the window that had summer in it. He could find the window that had the sun and warm, but when he went outside, it was still cold. What a problem for the little man in the fur suit.

As the weather started to get warmer again, Quanah would go outside for his walk, but it was still wet. Mr. W would carry Quanah down the street until it was dry, and then they would walk home. Quanah would get wet feet and would try to shake the water off of them. And then when he got home, Mrs. W would dry his feet with a towel.

He was almost happy then. Spring might be finally arriving, and Quanah had gone out for a couple of walks/cat drags. He was still very suspicious of the weather though. He would walk for a little, and then start looking around to see where the snow, cold and wet are. He knew they must be hiding somewhere out there. After all, they were there for 5 months.

He even found some grass to chew on, except to get to it he had to walk thru wet ground.

One spring day Mr. and Mrs. W took Quanah out for a walk, as it was not too cold and wet but nice and sunny. They went to the walking path, and put Q on his harness and lead, and he just laid down!! Would not go for a walk. They tried everything to coax him, and finally Q went up to Mr. W, stood up on his back legs, resting his front paws on Mr. W, and meowed ever so pitiful to be picked up and carried. Of course Mr. W did!

End of Part Three.

Arlene Williams



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