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Part Two

The people, Mr. and Mrs. Williams had to take care of Quanah the same as a little baby. He needed to be fed kitten formula with a bottle, and burped, and have his butt cleaned when he peed and pooped. And they had to do this every four hours, just like a people baby.

Quanah ate, and slept, and played, and grew bigger and bigger. His orange and white fur got long.

And Quanah grew up to think that Mr. and Mrs. W were his daddy and mummy, and that he was a little boy in a cat suit.

When he was four weeks old, Doctor Jackie, the cat doctor told Mr. and Mrs. W that Quanah was too big to be still eating from a bottle, and it was time to let him eat cat food. But Quanah did not like this. He liked his baby bottle.

But one day Mr. W gave Quanah some cooked chicken, and Quanah liked that, and he stopped drinking from the baby bottle. Except now he wanted chicken everyday to eat.

And Quanah also learned to use the kitty litter box for his bathroom, instead of having Mr. and Mrs. W clean his little butt.

By now Quanah was starting to investigate the house, and he would get into mischief.

Mrs. W knit sweaters and had lots of wool in the house. Quanah liked wool. He would pretend that a ball of wool was alive, and had to be caught and killed. Quanah would use his back feet to unwind the ball of wool, and then he would leave it for dead. Mrs. W then had to wind the wool back into a ball to make a sweater.

End of Part Two.

Arlene Williams



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