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Bear Group #1

The bear in the centre is made with a chunky weight yarn, and the other two are with knitting worsted weight yarn. Note the differences in the size.

Bear Group #2

These are all made from knitting worsted weight yarn, but the two on the outside are knit with cotton and the one in the centre with arcylic.

Bear Group #3

Again, note the difference in size. The smaller bear is knit using one strand of knitting worsted weight yarn, while the larger was knit with two strands of the same yarn.

Sheep Sweater Front Sheep Sweater Back

Child's sweater made as a gift. The sheep scene goes around the whole sweater.


This was from a class I taught on knitting a sweater in the round with the fair isle pattern on the top (often called ski sweaters).

Class 2

Close up of one of the sweaters from the class.

Cat Baskets

These are knitted and felted cat baskets. The kitties love them.

And the CAT BASKET pattern is free.


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