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To capture an image as wallpaper on your desktop:

Put your cursor on the picture of your choice.
Click with the right button on your mouse.
You should get a menu, with several choices.
Click on the one that says, "Set as Wallpaper."

Kevin1 6K

Kevin2 7K Kevin3 14K

Angel 10K

Angel, my parent's kitty January 1999.
He has feline aids but is happy and well loved.
Sad note, Angel passed away October 2007.

Quanah Nov 2004

Photo of the little prince taken November 2004. He looks so innocent, but is a devil.

Quanah and the teddy bears 7K

Quanah July 1999 posing with knitted bears and doll.

Quanah Wearing His Winter Coat 12K

Quanah January 1999 wearing his winter coat knit in Patons "Classic Wool"

Quanah Wearing a Hat 7K

Quanah August 1998 wearing a felted hat for the Fiber Trend Felted Bear.

Quanah's Butt 8K

Quanah from the back, checking out a noise in the garden.

Quanah in May 1998 15K

Quanah in May 1998 in Maryland

Quanah Wallpaper 2K

This is the wallpaper that I use on the web site.
It was my first attempt at backgrounds.

Quanah June 1998 7K

Quanah June 1998

Cloe 10K Romi 8K

Roses 16K

These are some fresh roses, scanned live.

Orange Yarn 10K

My own hand-spun.


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