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Part One

There are THIRTEEN stories about Quanah and his friends,
with more being added all the time.

There was once a cat named Quanah. Quanah was not just any cat; he was a special cat. He thought he was a little boy in an orange and white cat suit.

Quanah and his three sisters and brothers were born on May 8, 1995, outside in a garage because their mummy was a feral cat and did not like people. People had been mean to her, and she did not trust them.

After they were born, their mummy left them alone because she knew they were sick, and she could not take care of them. So she left them for the angels to come and take away.

The people who owned the garage came and tried to save the kittens. But the angels took three of them away to heaven, and left the people just one, and they called him Quanah. And that made him a very special cat.

Quanah was named for a famous Comanche war chief, Quanah Parker who was a brave and wise man. His name means fragrant, like a flower.

End of Part One.

Arlene Williams



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