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by Arlene Williams

Photo of the socks follows the pattern.

I am passing this pattern to you as a favour. I do not expect anything in return except for you to remember me when someday, someone else may need something from you, and you can pass on the favour to them.-- Arlene Williams


You can make your sock red with white rib, heel, and toe, or white with red rib, heel, and toe. You decide which colour is the Main Colour and which is the Contrasting Colour. Photo shows one of each.

Finished size is 3.25 - 3.5 inches top to toe and about 2.5 inches toe to heel


With contrasting colour, cast on 14 sts. Join in round, being careful not to twist the stitches. Work 3 rows in K1, P1 rib.

Change to main colour and knit round for 9 rows.


Change to contrasting colour, knit 6 sts. Leave the remaining 8 sts on two needles, work in stocking stitch for a total of 6 rows on the 6 sts.


K1, slip next st, k1, pass slipped stitch over k1, k2tog, k1. (4 sts).

Change to main colour.

Needle 1: Leaving the 4 sts from the heel on the needle, pick up and knit 5 sts along the side of the heel. (9 sts)
Needle 2: K8 sts from the other two needles.
Needle 3: Pick up and knit 5 sts along the other side of the heel, then knit the first 2 sts from needle 1.

There should be a total of 22 sts, with 7 sts on needle #1, 8 sts on needle #2, and 7 sts on needle #3.


Needle 1: Knit to the last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. (6 sts)
Needle 2: K8.
Needle 3: K1, slip next st, k1, pass slip stitch over the k1, knit to end. (6 sts)

Repeat until needles 1 and 3 each have 3 sts for a total of 14 sts.

Knit round until a total of 8 rows from the edge of the heel.


Change to contrasting colour, knit 3 rounds.

Next row, k2tog around to 7 sts. Cut yarn leaving 3-4 inch tail, thread thru the 7sts, pull tight, knot.

I did not weave in the ends, just knotted the yarns when changing colours and tucking all ends into the sock.

Mini Socks

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