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Photos of the hat follows the pattern.

I found the pattern for the London Beanie for my son had to be made larger, so here are the modified instructions

Sizes: small-med with (med-large and ex-large) shown in brackets.


Gauge: 20 sts to 4 inches

With circular needles, loosely cast on 72 (81, 81) sts. Being careful not to twist stitches, join the knitting and work K2, P1 rib for 10 rows.

Increase 9 stitches evenly around to 81 (90, 90) sts.

Knit 30 (40, 50) rows.

Decrease Rounds:

Row 1: *K7, K2tog, repeat from * around.

Row 2 and all even rows: Knit around.

Note: As you are decreasing, you will have to switch from the circular needle to the double pointed needles. Do so when the knitting gets too tight.

Row 3: *K6, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Row 5: *K5, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Row 7: *K4, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Row 9: *K3, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Row 11: *K2, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Row 13: *K1, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Row 15: *K2tog, repeat from * around.
Row 16: Knit around.

Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Run thread thru remaining stitches and pull tight, knot, and weave in on the inside.

Modifications to the original pattern include (a) making the ribbing longer, the original pattern calls for 10 rows, but I like 15-20 rows; (b) made the body longer, original pattern calls for 30 rows, but for larger heads I needed 40-50 rows and finally; (c) I found the top on the original beanie did not lie flat due to decreases being done on every row, so I inserted one row of knit in between each decrease. Your choice.

Headhugger Hat Headhugger Hat

Pictures of the hat using a variegated yarn and the stripes formed naturally. Photo on the right is of the top.


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